Corporate Promotions

Nothing spreads the word like the power of advertising. Getting your business noticed is a key to success. Whether it be a new and upcoming business or an existing business wanting to promote a new line or special offer.


At ‘Italian Job Mini Hire’ we have the tools to help you. Well 3 to be exact in the shape of 3 Iconic Classic Minis kitted out to closely resemble the classic 1969 The Italian Job film featuring Michael Caine quote the famous line “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”


The Small cars create a big attention when driven around the streets with people whipping out their phones and snapping a shot of Britain’s most iconic vehicle.


With the power of technology these days their photos are almost instantly uploaded to the likes of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to be viewed worldwide within moments.

Pandora Promotion
Pandora Promotion

Church Promotion

Better still with your logo and company messages blazoned on the side of all the cars your message will soon each the millions worldwide as well as those closer to home.


We can help create and print your personalised door cards to suit your business or promotion or you can provide your own magnetic advertising cards.


Promotions can be tailored to suit any job, except perhaps a bank job. Please contact us with any questions you might have and join the others which have benefitted from this dynamic advertising moving billboard.


We have worked with many film and TV companies to create truly stunning adverts, documentaries and films. If you are looking to hire 3 of the most iconic British vehicles contacts us to see how we can help you.